My favorite breed of cat is the Devon Rex.  I have never met an animal that is as fun, loving, playful, curious, CUTE, and aggravating at the Devon.  They want to be right with you all the time. If you are busy, well too bad, they are still going to be right there observing.  They love to sleep with you and WILL be touching you somewhere. They crawl down your shirt in the winter when cold.  They are like little hot water bottles.   They attract so much attention when we are at the shows and never meet a stranger.  If you are looking for an all around, love you to death, type kitty this is the breed for you.  All my kittens are born and raised in my home.  I have excellent healthy, beautiful lines.  Kittens of many colors just waiting to meet you.  Shipping is available just about anywhere from Little Rock or Ft Smith Arkansas.   Welcome anytime.